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Balloon Twisting | Balloon Animals in Dallas Fort Worth

Balloon Twisting A.K.A. Balloon Animals is one of the most popular children’s entertainment activities at parties and festivals in the Dallas Fort Worth area. With more than 12,000 kids’ birthdays every week in the metroplex, as you can imagine, there are hundreds of balloon twisters available for hire. So how do you decide, who to hire?

Hiring a balloon twister in DFW

Carol Crawford Balloon Twister
Carol Crawford Balloon Twister

Some people, like Carol Crawford, have been twisting balloons in the Dallas Fort Worth area for decades, while others may have started last week. How do you know who to hire? Unless you plan parties for a living, you probably have no idea who to choose.

I would be happy to point you in the right direction.

If you need a balloon twister for a birthday party or a group of balloon twisters for a company event, I can help you find quality balloon twisters for Dallas, Fort Worth, and North Texas.

Just fill out my form and I will contact you with prices and options. 

What can you expect to spend for balloon twisting?

For a single hour of quality balloon twisting in the DFW Metroplex, expect to spend $150 and up, for 1 hour.

If you need multiple hours, you can get a small discount, and pay about $125 per hour and up.

professional-balloon-twister-Dallas-Fort Worth

For the balloon twister, one hour often turns into 3 hours!

Keep in mind, there are thousands of birthday parties in DFW and most of them are celebrated on a Saturday. The balloon twister you hire might have a party in Garland, Texas, then the next party is in Fort Worth, Texas. Then it’s back to Cedar Hill Texas, and finally ending up in Frisco Texas.  This can turn 4-hours of balloon twisting into a 12-hour workday.

In most cases, your balloon twister will be on a tight schedule and must leave on time to get to the next party. Just think, what if you had to cram a one-week work schedule into one day? Then you are at the mercy of Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex traffic.

A lot of balloon twisters end up driving about 20,000 miles of in-city traffic a year. And when they arrive at your event, they have to be in a good mood! It’s a lot harder than most people think.

Expect about 20-25 balloon animals per hour

common balloon animals

Yes, balloon twisters can make balloons faster, but you have to factor in the child choosing the color and the shape of each balloon animal. That usually takes up to 30 seconds. Some shapes require multiple balloons.

Balloon animals are fun, but not for everyone.


Never give a baby, or toddler a balloon animal. If your child tends to chew on things, balloon animals should be restricted. Balloons can be a choking hazard. When a baby or toddler bites a balloon, it can pop, and pieces of latex can block the airflow.

Magicians | Clowns | Face Painters

What do they have in common? Many magicians, clowns & face painters also do balloon twisting.

So you could have multiple forms of entertainment by hiring just one person!

balloon flower

I help people who are planning kid’s parties and events find talented entertainers. If you are planning a children’s event anywhere in Dallas Fort Worth & North Texas, contact me (Use my online form).

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