Tommy Emmanuel in DFW

Tommy Emmanuel in DFW

Tommy Emmanuel is playing at the Majestic Theatre on Wednesday December 19th 2018. I started following Tommy after discovering him about 5 years ago on You Tube. It doesn’t matter what kind of music you like, because Tommy Emmanuel can play it all. From Beethoven to Jimi Hendrix and everything in between.

He doesn’t just play other people’s music, Tommy has written many songs on his own (Mostly instrumental). If you have never had the pleasure of hearing him play, I recommend visiting his fan club website at

Tommy Emmanuel is one of the hardest working musician I know.

He tours all over the world and plays hundreds of “Sold-Out” performances every year. Just take  a look at his schedule and will agree, this is one busy dude! He play the acoustic guitar, but he cal also play the electric guitar and the drums.  In fact, sometimes he plays his guitar like it was a set of drums.

If you are going to listen to Tommy Emmanuel, you need to take at least an hour.

He has so many styles and can do so many things, you will spend an hour just sampling the different kinds of music he can play. Tommy can play blue grass, country, hard rock, soul, the blues, soft music, easy listening, blazing fast runs, harmonics, old favorites, show tunes, folk music, Celtic music, classical and more.

When Tommy Emmanuel plays, most people’s jaw hits the floor.

His biggest fans are other musicians. People who know what it takes to make an acoustic guitar sound good have a special respect Tommy. I can tell you this much: No one in their right mind would ever want to follow his performance. He is like a one-man band, playing the rhythm, bass and lead all at the same time, it’s truly amazing to watch and hear.

I have been to three of his live performances, the You-Tube videos never do it justice.

Tommy Emmanuel

You have to be there!  I listened and watched his You-Tube videos for years before actually seeing Tommy in person, and I thought I understood what to expect, I was wrong.  I heard him play in person one of the songs he wrote  called “Blood Brothers.” Time seemed to stop and you just understood that this was one of those moments in your life that you will remember till the day you die.

His performance fills the venue and he commands 100% of the focus and attention because he’s just that good. Definitely not background music.  It’s hard to explain, but when you come out of the venue, you will be a different person. (At least that’s how it effected me).

Last year Tommy did a Christmas show in Dallas, this year he is appearing with Jerry Douglas

Tommy’s show is family friendly, I recommend taking the kids

Exposing your kids to Tommy Emmanuel will teach them what is possible with focus and dedication. Especially if your kids are teenagers who play a music instrument. Prove to your kids that not everything you do in life needs to happen quick. Taking your time and getting it right has its rewards.

There might be some tickets still available, check Ticket Master for details.

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