Tips for having a backyard party in DFW

Kids backyard party DFW

Depending on the time of the year, your backyard can be a great place for your kid’s birthday party. I do recommend having as much shade as possible, and try to keep the food, entertainment, and most of your seating located in the shade.  If you need more shade, consider buying or renting a tent or tarp, canvas canopy tent.  You can buy these starting around $100, and probably rent one much cheaper.

Make sure you supply sun screen.

Don’t expect the kids to use good judgement, you need to make sure that the kids are wearing sun screen, especially if they are going in and out of water.  Just a couple of hours in the bright sun can produce a serious burn. Also having bug spray might be a good idea if you are in an area with mosquitoes.   If you are renting a bounce house, try to get the type with a solid color roof.  Some bounce houses don’t have a roof.

Have lots of drinks and ice on hand for your backyard party.

Supply large ice chests with lots of ice, and plenty of water.  If you are cooking (Grilling) outside, try to keep the grill away from the guests.  It will already be hot enough without adding more heat to the event.  Having your grill a few feet away, or even downwind will help a lot.  Cover food to guard against flies.

Does your backyard birthday party include a swimming pool?

If so, make sure you have an adult, or several adults who are responsible for maintaining safety rules.  Don’t just assume it’s OK to simply post rules on a sign, you need a live person there to monitor the pool at all times.  Always have safety rings (Life preservers) available with rope.  Of course, no glass allowed.  Buy plastic or paper plates, and glasses for the food.

Backyard Birthday Party Games.

Kids playing Tug-O-Way in the backyard

Kids loves games.   You can have contest like tug-a-war, sack races, relay races. Do it yourself backyard obstacle course, use a timer to see who wins.  You can supple little prizes for the winners.  Most party stores stock ribbons and little trophies at nominal cost. Girls seem to like crafts.  You can set up a table and have some crafts available.  Kid’s jewelry making kits, making puppets from sacks and colored paper and glue.

Have a birthday party contingency plan for bad weather.

Hopefully the weather will not be a factor, but what if there is a storm?  Will everyone be able to fit into your house? I recommend having a plan in case the weather turns bad. If you invite too many people, some of your guests might have to leave, or sit out in the storm if you can’t fit everyone in your house.  Take this into consideration when making out your invitation list.

Need to close off portions of your home to party guests?

If you want to close off parts of your house from party goers, you can use streamers and tape to make suggested barriers “Do Not Cross” lines.   You can also move furniture in front of doors to keep people out.  For example, small tables, or chairs to block doorways. Just make sure you have enough restrooms available for your guests. (I recommend more than one.)

Are you hiring party vendors or entertainers for your birthday party?

Make sure you inform your party vendors and entertainers that this is an outdoor event.  Many times they will want to bring different equipment, and setups for outdoor events.  Make sure your vendors and entertainers have shade.  If you are having balloon twisting, be aware that balloons don’t do very well in direct sunlight.  Also face painters should be aware of the outdoor plans because many times they will change out their paints to a more water-proof paint, designed for pool parties, and sweaty kids.

Looking for children’s entertainment for Dallas Fort Worth?

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