The balloon game

The Balloon Game

Kids love to play The Balloon Game.  The rules are simple and it only takes a minute to learn how to play. Any balloon twister can play this game with your party guests.  I call this “The balloon game.” Anyone can play, including the adults!  the object of the game is to guess what the balloon twister is making (While they are twisting the balloon).

There are only two rules:

  • You must raise your hand to guess.
  • If you guess wrong, you are out of the game (Until the next round)

The winner gets the balloon (After it is completed of course)

The Balloon Game really gets the guests laughing out loud.

During the game, get all of the kids to sit on the floor in front of the balloon twister, and have the adults sit in the back.  Make sure you remind the adults that they can also play.  You will be amazed at how much fun this really is.  This game gets everyone at your party involved, while creating a fun game that any balloon twister can do.

Just about every event that includes kids should have this game included. When you include balloon twisting, you are providing a show, plus the children end up with a toy. Most balloon twisters are very charismatic, telling jokes as they work.  The average balloon twister can make a simple balloon sculpture in about 45 seconds to one minute, and can make more complex balloon shapes in just a few minutes.

 What should you expect to pay a balloon twister?

If you are just hiring a balloon twister for one hour, you will probably pay between $90 and $150, with $125 being an average.  If you have multiple hours to fill, expect to pay about $80 to $125 per hour, with $100 per hour as an average. Most balloon twisters have a website with examples of their work, some even have videos so you see them in action.  Most balloon twisters will make simpler balloon shapes when there is a lot of kids waiting in line. For example, fairs, festivals and block parties.

 Balloon twisting outdoors.

If you have an outdoor event, you should provide a shady place for the balloon twister.  Balloons and bright sunlight, or heat don’t mix very well.  Also extremely cold weather can be a problem. Balloon twisting is very popular for outdoor events even though the balloons tend to pop a lot faster.  Balloons and grass don’t mix at all.  If a balloon touches grass, they almost always pop. When you hire a balloon twister, you are not just paying for the balloons, you are also paying for the show.  Kids love to watch the balloon twister make balloons.

Most party clowns can also do balloon twisting games.

Sometimes Face Painters offer balloon twisting, but not usually at the same time. For example, they might do face painting for an hour, then switch over to balloon twisting.  These face painters tend to charge more than regular face painters. You get what you pay for.  Most children’s magicians can also do balloon twisting.

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