PartyFest 2019 | Applause Productions

Party Fest DFW Party

I attended this year’s 31st annual PartyFest tradeshow, produced by Applause Production, at Market Hall in Dallas.

This tradeshow consist of party vendors, catering companies, decorating companies, mobil DJs, entertainers and more. This is a large private function, guests include party planners, event coordinators, party vendors and entertainers.

If you are in the party business, you probably got an invitation.

I have been going to this event for more than 20 years. This trade show features the latest party / entertainment / services that are available for hire in the DFW area.

Applause Production also produces an annual resource directory

This book is distributed to wedding planners, corporate meeting planners, wedding planners, association event planners and even private party planners. There are thousands of party related vendors, entertainers, catering, music, and party related services listing in this book.

Come hungry and sample the best catering in DFW

I showed up about 1pm, and started eating right away. Just about every catering booth was giving away samples. It’s good to be in the party business!