Order a singing telegram in Dallas Fort Worth

Order a Singing Telegram in Dallas/Fort Worth

Don't Overpay - Skip The Middleman

You want to send a singing telegram in the Dallas Fort Worth area, so you do a search on the Internet and find more than a dozen companies who provide this service. At least that is what they advertise. Did you know that most of these companies don’t really do singing telegrams? They are just in the business of selling singing telegrams. They charge your credit card, then they pick up the phone and call one of the local singing telegram companies and place the order (At a much reduced price).

Something that you could do yourself, and pay much less!

What are the signs that you are dealing with an out-of-state singing telegram company? First look at the phone number, is it a local phone number, or a toll-free number?  Do they offer singing telegrams in multiple states? Are you aware that in many cases, these out-of-state companies will take your money before they even know if someone is available or not, then they try to fill your order by calling local companies. If they can’t find someone, then they have to refund your money. All this time you thought this was a done deal, and in reality all they did was over-charge you and waste your time.

I recommend two LOCAL singing telegram companies in DFW

Singing Telegrams of Dallas (214) 755-7503   https://singingtelegramsdallas.com

DFW Singing Telegrams (214) 995-8415   https://dfwsingingtelegrams.com

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