Kaboom Town | Sonic | Fireworks | Balloon twisting and face painting

Sonic Hotdog

SonicOnce again, you can find Checkers the balloon guy and Candy, (Carol Crawford) the Face Painter doing their thing at the Sonic drive-in on Midway Road, across from the Addison airport.  We will arrive about 5:30 PM and start giving away balloons and doing face painting about 6:00 PM.  Come on down for some great Sonic food, get your face painted and balloon, then sit back and wait for the fireworks to start.

I highly recommend coming to the Sonic on Midway Rd. to watch Addison’s Kaboom Town fireworks.  Just expect to get stuck in traffic after the show, better yet, just relax and get a great tasting Sonic burger or hot dog and relax while the traffic clears out.

When Sonic needs to entertain kids, they call on Checkers Entertainment.

This is the 2nd year in a row that Checkers Entertainment has provided fun children’s entertainment at Addison’s Kaboom town, thanks to Sonic.  Both Checkers and Candy will end the balloon twisting and face painting when it gets dark, then we will place our order for some great food, and enjoy the fireworks along with everyone else.