Balloon twisting and face painting in Dallas Fort Worth

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Balloon twisting and face painting are the two most popular children’s party activities in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  As a balloon twister and face painter, I am booked on several events every weekend, year round.  During the past ten years, I can’t recall ever attending a fair or festival in the DFW area that didn’t include balloon animals and face painting.

There are hundreds of balloon twisters and face painters in the Dallas Fort Worth area.Balloons

Most if them work for larger agencies who keep them busy, like Checkers Entertainment.  Hiring an agency to book your children’s entertainment is the best way to go, because an agency is going to represent the best balloon twisters and face painters in town.  You have to be good to work for an agent. Of course you can also go out and find individual balloon twisters and face painters, but it’s a crap shoot. There are a lot of people who jump into this business without knowing much about it.  Those people are usually the cheapest in town, and you never know what you are going to get.  Sometimes they don’t even show up. I know this because I own Checkers Entertainment and I book a lot of face painters and balloon twisters for the Metroplex, and I get calls just about every weekend from a frantic person who is looking for a last-minute balloon twister or face painter, because their person didn’t show up.  You can avoid this disaster by hiring Checkers Entertainment.

Face PaintingCheckers Entertainment can provide you with entertainers for kid’s events

We offer Face Painting, Balloon Twisting, Air Brush Tattoos, Glitter Tattoos, Children’s Magicians and Children’s Games, for the Dallas Fort Worth and North Texas area. We can arrive as clowns, pirates, magicians, or just regular people for your child’s event.  We can send a single person to a birthday party, or a group of entertainers for larger events. We specialize in company parties, fairs and festivals.  For best results, please give us a call several weeks in advance.  The more notice we have, the better entertainers we can book.  Just keep in mind, the most talented entertainers in the Metroplex stay busy and are booked weeks in advance.

Candy the ClownExperience is the key to your event’s success

Don’t just go to Craig’s List to find children’s entertainers who are in the Dallas Fort Worth area, you never know who or what is going to show up, if they show up at all.  Checkers Entertainment only works with the best entertainers who have years of experience.  Why spend $100 for a questionable entertainer that no one has ever heard of, when you could spend a few bucks more for to get one of the best entertainers in the DFW area. The entertainer is the person who make your party or event successful and memorable to the guests.  Just keep in mind, you will always be able to find someone cheaper, but for each dollar you save, you are risking the success and fun-factor of your entire event.

Something to consider

When you get on an airplane, would you want the cheapest pilots to be in the cockpit?  How about when you get your hair cut, would you consider hiring someone based on saving a little money at the risk of getting a really bad haircut?  Would you want the cheapest doctor you can find to do your surgery?  When you get your car repaired, do you want the cheapest mechanic in town, or would you rather have someone who is certified, experienced and trusted to work on your car?  Parties are no different.  In most cases you are already spending a lot of money to have a great party, why risk it all by hiring some unknown, and untested entertainment just to save a few bucks.  Checkers Entertainment has provided entertainment for thousands of parties and our entertainers have years of experience.

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If you have a party or event, and you need children’s entertainment, Give us a call, or fill out our online form and we will contact you with pricing and availability. Checkers Entertainment is a full-time, children’s entertainment agency for Dallas Fort Worth  214-995-8415